Dealing with the Email lists on Team.Net

Since about 1988 there have been email lists for various sorts of automotive enthusiasts connected with what has become known as Team.Net.  It was fairly loosely organised back then, and still is, but on April 11, 1991, the domain was registered.  Back then when trying to explain to your fellow motorheads about it you'd get funny looks when you said things like 'the dot is not silent.'  Since those early days of one list related to classic British sports cars and another related to autocross events it has grown to be a collection of over 100 lists, an FTP repository and various web related resources.

Back in the beginning the list members consisted of a few dozen folks who knew their way around computers and could easily deal with various technical issues.  In the time since then, though, it seems the majority of the 15,000 subscribers don't have a ready grasp of the intricacies of how things work.  On the most basic level a mailing list is pretty simple.  It consists of a collection of email addresses.  People send email to the list, and the list software sends out their message to other subscribers.  You get on the list by subscribing to it, you get off the list by unsubscribing.  Seems simple enough, but I'm no longer surprised by the number of  people who have  difficulties  with the process.

First off, there are currently two different  software suites  managing lists at  The first one, which handles  about 85 of the  automotive related lists,  is majordomo.  Majordomo has been  around  for quite some time, and is aimed at list management through email commands.  You send a command message to, and if the software can figure out what you are requesting, it tries to fulfill the request.  Here's a list of the lists managed by

  2000-register           Triumph 2000/2500 interest list
6pack Triumph TR6 & TR250 Discussion list
6pack-digest Triumph TR6 & TR250 Discussion list - Digest Version
alpines List for discussions about Sunbeam Alpines
alpines-digest Digest format for Sunbeam Alpine list.
autojumble Items for sale and wanted, private and commercial
autojumble-digest Digest version of autojumble list
autox Team.Net list, for discussions about autocrossing
autox-cm Discussion of SCCA Solo II C Modified class
autox-fm F Modified Solo II class discussion
ax-digest, Digest version
ba-autox-digest Digest version of ba-autox list.
barx7club Bay Area Rx-7 list. Subscription is limited to No. Calif
bmcu List for British Motor Club of Utah members.
brewers Private List
bricklin List for discussion of Bricklin automobiles
british-cars Discussions about British cars, large and small
british-cars-digest British Cars email list in digest form
british-cars-pre-war List for discussions about early British cars.
ccmgc Capitol City MG Car Club list
chapman-era Discussion of early Lotus automobiles
datsun-roadsters List for discussions about Datsun 1600/2000 cars.
datsun-roadsters-digest Digest version of datsun-roadsters list.
flatheads Discussions of old Ford flathead engines
formula-ford Various Formula Ford, Club Ford discussion topics
fot Private list
fot-digest Private Triumph related list.
geez Geez! Customer info and discussion list.
glen-scca Open discussion for local interest. Glen Region (Watkin
healeys List for discussions about Healey Sports Cars.
healeys-digest List for discussions about Healey Sports Cars
italia Triumph Italia discussion list
judson Discussion of Judson Superchargers for Automotive use
land-speed Land Speed Record interest list
land-speed-digest Digest version of land-speed list.
lotus-cars Email forum for discussions about Lotus Automobiles
marcos Marcos auto email discussion list
mg-mmm For prewar MMM series MG cars, clubs, activities, etc.
mg-t Discussion regarding MG T type vehicles
mgs List for discussions about MG Sports Cars
mgs-digest Collection of MGs mailing list articles
mini-baja List for discussions about SAE Mini-Baja vehicles
mini-list discussions about Austin/B.L./Rover Minis
mini-list-digest Collection of mini-list mail articles
morgans discussions about Morgan automobiles
morris Discussion of Morris automobiles
newsletters Newsletter editor discussion list
okla_scca Oklahoma region SCCA discussion list
oletrucks Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959
oletrucks-digest Digest version of oletrucks list.
riley Discussion about Riley automobiles
rolls-bentley Discussion about Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars
shop-talk List for general discussion of tools, techniques and suc
spitfires Discussion list for Herald based Triumph cars.
spitfires-digest Digest version of Spitfres list.
spridgets AH/MG Sprite/Midget mailing list
spridgets-digest Digest version of Spridgets list.
spridgets-mod Moderated list for Sprite/Midget discussion
team-thicko an irreverant look at vintage racing and participatants.
tigers List for discussions about Sunbeam Tigers
tigers-digest Digest format for tigers mailing list
triumphs List for discussions about Triumph Sports Cars
triumphs-digest Collection of triumphs mailing list articles
tvr Early TVR sports car discussion
twingo Discussions about the Renault Twingo
vintage-race Discussion of vintage racing cars and events
vintage-race-digest Digest version of vintage-race list.
vtr List for general use of VTR members.
vtr-admin Private list for VTR business

The other software system managing lists is called Mailman.  This is a more recently developed system than majordomo, and uses web based management, though one can still use email based commands if necessary.  Here's the lists which are under Mailman's jurisdiction at

              AHCUSA - Austin-Healey Club USA
Amphicar - Amphicar Enthusiasts list
Bmw-Mini - Discussions about the new BMW Mini
Cahc - Cascade Austin Healey Club
Curved-dash-olds - Curved Dash Oldsmobiles, 1900 - 1905
Glen-scca-racing - SCCA Glen region road racing list
goldcoast - Gold Coast British Car Club
Jagnuts - JAGNUTS Regina
Jonat-chat - [no description available]
Lancia - Discussion forum for Lancia automobiles
LSUFSAE - Mailing list for LSU's FSAE Team
LSUminibaja - [no description available]
Migcruisers - [no description available]
Shotimes - Ford SHO Product discussion list
Single-malt - Scotch appreciation
The-local - Random chatter for folks
Tr-gang - Private List
Vtow - Vintage Triumphs of Wisconsin
VTR-Board - Voting officers of The Vintage Triumph Register
Wichitapca - [no description available]
WMJR - Wasatch Mountain Jaguar Register
Wtc - Discussion regarding WTC/Pentagon attacks


For majordomo lists, you send a message to  The message doesn't require a subject line, so don't worry if your mailer doesn't put one in by default.  In the body of the message, you put the commands

subscribe name_of_the_list

Obviously, name_of_the_list is really the name of the desired list as shown above.  You can subscribe to more than one list at a time, with a message containing

subscribe name_of_list1
subscribe name_of_list2

Majordomo will figure out your email address and send you a message with further instructions.  Follow those instructions and you should be set.  The 'end' command tells majordomo to quit looking for further commands in the message, so it won't try to interpret a signature or disclaimer or whatever as a command.

 For mailman lists, you visit the web page then click on the name of the desired list and follow those instructions.


For majordomo lists, you send a message to, with the body of the message containing the commands

unsubscribe name_of_the_list

If you changed email addresses or some such and want to change your list subscription address, unsubscribe the old address and subscribe the new one:

unsubscribe name_of_the_list my_old_address
subscribe name_of_the_list

For mailman lists, you you visit the web page then click on the name of the desired list, scroll down to the bottom where there is a section for subscribers, follow  those instructions to accomplish what you need.  Aggain, if you want to change addresses, you unsubscribe your old address and subscribe your new one.

This is a quick overview, the mailing list management programs do have more extensive help facilities available.  For majordomo, send a message to with the commands


and you should get back an email that goes into all the various commands available.
Some folks try to make this more difficult than it really is, and send all sorts of stuff in their messages, when all they need to do is read the instructions, then follow the instructions.

For mailman, you you visit the web page  click on the name of the list and go from there.